Dish It Out: Sarita De Fonseka

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How do our food experts cook and eat? Home catering business ‘Dot’s’ owner, Sarita takes our Q&A!

Cargills International Women’s Day Festival 2021


Creating a platform to celebrate International Women’s day, Savithri Rodrigo, the founder and creator of the online digital programme Kaleidoscope has joined forces with Taru, from Table by Taru at Lake Lodge to host Cargills International Women’s Day Festival - The Changemakers.

The Ceylon Baker


Run by mom and daughter duo, Ramani and Shavindri Attygalla, The Ceylon Baker is a brand created to highlight the synergy between the two.

Burning Bird


Catering to our perennial love for chicken is Burning Bird, the newest entrant into Sri Lanka’s burgeoning food culture. A cloud kitchen - meaning that they only operate via deliveries and have no sit-down service - BB has wings, starters, sides, and even family platters for you to pick from!

Save A Paw With Love

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If there is anyone who deserves to celebrate the day of love, it is none other than our furry friends who love us unconditionally their whole life. Shivanthi Sansoni, Founder of the Save a Paw with Love Foundation, agrees wholeheartedly having organized a very special Valentine’s Day celebration for their rescues.

Buzz with Danu - Sachini Nipunsala

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Today on the Buzz I speak to a TV sensation, who has won the hearts of the people and continues to do so with her simple take on life. She is currently one of the biggest personalities on Social Media. Her love for dance is what first made me see her work and today she seems to be growing stronger than ever. Today I speak to the ever so talented Sachini about life and everything fabulous.

Tattoos & Taboos: A chat with Roanna and Dulaj of Savage Art Ink


Savage Art Ink down R.A De Mel Mawatha appears unsuspecting at first, but as you amble your way to the third floor, the slightly busy walkway into the studio gives you a glimpse of the brand that has been carefully curated with good word of mouth and loyal clients.

Pom’s Island: Ditch the high tech switch to simple wooden toys

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Meet Shamin, the brains behind Pom’s Island. They are the wooden toymakers who specialize in open-ended wooden toys for children. With a growing number of followers to the brand, we wanted to know more about the brand and its products.

Plantation companies join hands with WWCT to protect Peak Ridge Forest Corridor

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The Central Highlands is home to many leopards who unfortunately have been threatened by human activities. In 2020 Sri Lanka lost 13 of its leopards this way. Upon identifying a significant leopard population along an 18km long corridor between Castlereagh and Maussakelle Reservoirs, the Wilderness and Wildlife Conservation Trust (WWCT) has joined hands with several plantation companies to protect this sensitive ecosystem.

Designer 1-2-1: Hashanthi Madugalle


Self-taught designer Hashanthi Madugalle is the founder of her label Tales by Tia. Launched in July 2016, Tales by Tia is a brand that started out small but has progressed with great success. Hashanthi likes to keep her designs as unique as possible while understanding that comfort is of importance to her clientele.